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verbiste::Command Class Reference

#include <Command.h>

Inherited by ConjugatorCommand, and DeconjugatorCommand.

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Detailed Description

Abstract class representing a command-line tool.

A program based on this class will read words either from the command line (each argument is a word) or from the standard input (each line is a word). The results are written to the standard output. The Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) character set is assumed.

Definition at line 45 of file Command.h.

Public Member Functions

 Command () throw (std::logic_error)
FrenchVerbDictionarygetFrenchVerbDictionary () throw (std::logic_error)
const FrenchVerbDictionarygetFrenchVerbDictionary () const throw (std::logic_error)
int run (int argc, char *argv[]) throw ()
virtual ~Command ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void processInputWord (const std::string &inputWord)=0

Protected Attributes


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