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verbiste::FrenchVerbDictionary Class Reference

#include <FrenchVerbDictionary.h>

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Detailed Description

French verbs and conjugation knowledge base. The text processing done by this class is case-sensitive.

Definition at line 47 of file FrenchVerbDictionary.h.

Public Member Functions

ConjugationSystem::const_iterator beginConjugSys () const
VerbTable::const_iterator beginKnownVerbs () const
void deconjugate (const std::string &conjugatedVerb, std::vector< InflectionDesc > &results)
ConjugationSystem::const_iterator endConjugSys () const
VerbTable::const_iterator endKnownVerbs () const
 FrenchVerbDictionary () throw (std::logic_error)
 FrenchVerbDictionary (const std::string &conjugationFilename, const std::string &verbsFilename) throw (std::logic_error)
std::string getLatin1XmlNodeText (xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr node) throw (int)
std::string getLatin1XmlProp (xmlNodePtr node, const char *propName) throw (int)
const std::vector
< ModeTensePersonNumber > * 
getMTPNForInflection (const std::string &templateName, const std::string &inflection) const
const TemplateSpec * getTemplate (const std::string &templateName) const
const char * getVerbTemplate (const std::string &infinitive) const
const char * getVerbTemplate (const char *infinitive) const
bool isVerbStartingWithAspirateH (const std::string &infinitive) const throw ()
std::string latin1ToUTF8 (const std::string &latin1String) const throw (int)
std::string tolowerLatin1 (const std::string &latin1String) const
void utf8ToLatin1 (std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &vec) const throw (int)
void utf8ToLatin1 (std::vector< InflectionDesc > &vec) const throw (int)
std::string utf8ToLatin1 (const std::string &utf8String) const throw (int)
 ~FrenchVerbDictionary ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Mode convertModeName (const char *modeName)
static Tense convertTenseName (const char *tenseName)
static void generateTense (const std::string &radical, const TemplateSpec &templ, Mode mode, Tense tense, std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &dest, bool includePronouns=false, bool aspirateH=false) throw ()
static const char * getModeName (Mode m)
static std::string getRadical (const std::string &infinitive, const std::string &templateName) throw (std::logic_error)
static const char * getTenseName (Tense t)

Private Member Functions

 FrenchVerbDictionary (const FrenchVerbDictionary &x)
void init (const std::string &conjugationFilename, const std::string &verbsFilename) throw (std::logic_error)
void loadConjugationDatabase (const char *conjugationFilename) throw (std::logic_error)
void loadVerbDatabase (const char *verbsFilename) throw (std::logic_error)
FrenchVerbDictionaryoperator= (const FrenchVerbDictionary &x)
void readConjugation (xmlDocPtr doc) throw (std::logic_error)
void readVerbs (xmlDocPtr doc) throw (std::logic_error)

Static Private Member Functions

static void generateOtherPastParticiple (const char *mascSing, std::vector< std::string > &dest)

Private Attributes

std::set< std::string > aspirateHVerbs
ConjugationSystem conjugSys
InflectionTable inflectionTable
VerbTable knownVerbs
char latin1TolowerTable [256]
iconv_t toLatin1
iconv_t toUTF8
VerbTrie verbTrie


class VerbTrie


class  VerbTrie

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