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static void verbiste::FrenchVerbDictionary::generateTense ( const std::string &  radical,
const TemplateSpec &  templ,
Mode  mode,
Tense  tense,
std::vector< std::vector< std::string > > &  dest,
bool  includePronouns = false,
bool  aspirateH = false 
) throw () [static]

Generates the conjugation of a verb for a given mode and tense. The generated words are complete, they are not just inflections.

radical radical part of the verb to conjugate
templ conjugation template to apply
mode mode to use
tense tense to use
dest vector of vectors of strings into which to store the results; the result is a list of "persons", and a person is a list of "inflections"
includePronouns put pronouns before conjugated verbs in the modes where pronouns are used
aspirateH notifies this function that the verb starts with an aspirate h (e.g., "hacher", which gives "je hache") instead of a silent h (e.g., "habiter", which gives "j'habite")

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