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FrenchVerbDictionary::FrenchVerbDictionary (  )  throw (std::logic_error)

Load the french conjugation database. Uses the default (hard-coded) location for the data filenames.

logic_error for invalid filename arguments, unparseable or unexpected XML documents (if verbs or template names are mentioned, they are in Latin-1)

Definition at line 129 of file FrenchVerbDictionary.cpp.

  : conjugSys(),
    const char *libdatadir = NULL;
    #ifndef NDEBUG
    libdatadir = getenv("LIBDATADIR");
    if (libdatadir == NULL)
      libdatadir = LIBDATADIR;

    string conjFN  = libdatadir + string("/") + "conjugation-fr.xml";
    string verbsFN = libdatadir + string("/") + "verbs-fr.xml";

    init(conjFN, verbsFN);

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